“Acts of God” – How to help clients protect their business

The past few seasons have demonstrated how fickle Mother Nature can be. Warm days followed by cold ones, stretches of rain followed by droughts – it’s enough to give a person whiplash. For your clients, the changing weather can mean unfulfilled contracts, cancelled events, damaged properties, and more. Clients may think that catastrophic weather events  Read more ➝

How to have difficult life insurance conversations with your clients

As a financial planner or insurance sales executive, your job is the tell people that bad things can and will happen to them. It’s not pretty, or comfortable, to sit across from a client and talk about their inevitable death, or grave injury, or business collapse, or other devastating events. Although you are ultimately offering  Read more ➝

Why CPAs Should Offer Insurance Services

All Certified Public Accountants get to know many financial things related to the clients and firms they are serving. This enables you to better serve financial products like insurance, since most of the requisite information related to selling insurance policies to clients is already known through audits and financial statement analysis. As a CPA, you  Read more ➝