Let’s Change the Way We Think About Life Insurance

When you hear, life insurance, what do you think about? If you had to describe a life insurance policy, how would you? You might describe it as a monthly payment for a worst case scenario situation. What if you could grow and withdraw money, tax free, while protecting your family’s financial future? What if you could invest your money in a market and be protected from loss? You might think I’m talking about Wallstreet’s hottest new investment opportunity. Well…I’m not! I’m talking about an indexed universal life insurance product that not only protects your financial future should the unspeakable happen and provides you with an investment account you can utilize while you’re alive. It even comes with some advanced bells and whistles most policy owners haven’t been educated about. 

The old phrase used in the money management world used to be, “Buy term, invest the rest.” This phrase became popular amongst money managers and stockbrokers prioritizing investing your money in the stock market. By no means am I trying to disparage the many quality money managers out there. I’m simply saying they lack the understanding of the full spectrum of how an insurance policy can provide you with benefits while you’re alive. From here on out, I’m going to attempt to make the following phrase popular, “investment account with an insurance wrapper” the new go to when it comes to the indexed universal life insurance space. 

In my many years of experience in the life insurance industry, I’ve realized that most individuals who ask me to advise them on their life insurance needs, aren’t aware that it can be utilized as an investment tool. Some features an individual can take advantage of include an investment account with a ceiling of 12% and a floor of 0%. This investment account is generally tied to the S&P500 or other major indices. Virtually, you can’t lose. Gains made within the policy can be taken out in the form of tax free policy loans. A cool advantage is the money within the policy is protected from creditors. As a life insurance policy, it’s given that you are protecting your family in the event of a worst case scenario. Again, think of it as an, “investment account with an insurance wrapper.” 

These are just some of the features available in an IUL for an individual looking to grow their financial portfolio and protect their loved ones. You will be hard pressed to find another financial vehicle with so many benefits. 

To recap, on what an IUL can do for you: 

-Grow cash and withdraw it tax free – The money in your policy that is invested grows tax free and can be withdrawn tax free in the form of policy loans 

-Protected from creditors – A life insurance policy and any cash in the policy is protected from creditors. 

-Safe investment – The portion of your premiums that get invested in the index of your choice has a 0 percent floor and a 12 percent ceiling making your money safe, so safe you can’t go negative.

-Protect your family – In the event that tragedy happens your family is still covered by the life insurance policy. 

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